Quinta do Escuteiro is the ideal place for Scouting activities!

It has a camping capacity of 600 people and of 40 people in cantonment regime.

We seek to create appealing spaces for conducting various types of field activities such as constructions (we have wood available), we have a field / sandbox where you can perform your Scouting games, several fire pit locations, a tower for bird watching, among many others.

Nearby Quinta do Escuteiro you can also explore the region by going on hiking trails, village game in Batalha, raids in the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros, our nearest mountains, radical activities, caving, among others.

Quinta do Escuteiro has the mission of being a center of environmental education. In this sense, in addition to activities organized in this context, we also have training facilities for this purpose.

Come visit us!

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Corpo Nacional de Escutas

Flor de Lis

Campos e Parques Escutistas
Junta Regional de Leiria-F�tima

Programa Educativo Regi�o de Leiria-F�tima
Quinta do Escuteiro
Rua da Marialinha, 744 - Quinta do Sobrado
2440-192 Batalha
39� 38' 55'' N 8� 50' 00'' W